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Our continuous cast rectangle stock are available in most Copper alloys and Gray and Ductile Iron's.  Our rectangle stock is available in common sizes and display the highest quality and performance. 

Availability / Sizes
Most copper alloy rectangle are stocked 144"  lengths depending on the alloy.  But we will cut to the thickness, width and length that you need.  (Please visit the alloy page of your choice for the corresponding stocked length available.)  

  • Readily available
  • Stocked in a wide range of common sizes
  • Allows you to find material as close as possible to your net shape

Copper Alloys - Rectangle Stock
Iron Alloys - Rectangle Stock
Ductile Iron - 80-55-06
Rectangle - Continuous Cast

Automatic Molding Machine Ductile Iron - 65-45-12
Plates - Continuous Cast