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ASTM B 505
Toughmet® 3 CX 105(C96900) is the ideal choice for tough environments.  It displays: High Strength, Anti-Galling Properties, Non-Magnetic, Excellent Machinability, Corrosion Resistance, and Good Bearing Properties.  

As a result Toughmet® 3 CX 105 (C96900) will provide:  More Up-time, Greater Reliability and Better Design Flexibility.

ToughMet® 3 CX 105 in the cast and spinodally hardened (CX) condition exhibits tensile strength up to 120 ksi and hardness up to HRc 34 in a Copper - 15% Nickel - 8% Tin alloy with excellent machinability. 
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Toughmet® 3 CX 105 - Copper Nickel Tin - Cast - C96900